Frequently Asked Questions
What led to the creation of the Lichtjesroute?
The liberation of Eindhoven by the Allies was on September 18th 1944. The returning soldiers were welcomed by Eindhoven with lights shining behind their windows. See also the section: History.
Who is the intended audience of the Lichtjesroute?
Everyone from young to old is welcome. Children of primary school particularly enjoy the Lichtjesroute.

On which days are the ornaments of the Lichtjesroute lit?
The lamps are lit on September 18th and are extinguished on the 2nd Sunday of October (October 13th) at 23:00. They burn each day during the following times:
During which hours are the ornaments lit?
The ornaments are lit from Sunday to Thursday from 19.00 to 22.30 and Friday and Saturday from 19:00 to 23.30.

Why the lights are not lit in the Autumn holidays?
Many parents with school-age children ask us to light up even during the Autumn holiday in mid-October. We do not for three good reasons:

  • If the lamps are lit during those hours, many more volunteers are needed as support. We can not ask them to support for three more weeks.
  • The electricity costs are sponsored by the municipality and the utilities. Extending the operating hours will double the cost.
  • ┬áThe inhabitants on the Lichtjesroute are affected by the heavy traffic, we do not want them to be bothered any more than four weeks.

Is the Lichtjesroute freely accessible?
Yes, the route is on public roads and free for everyone to visit.

What is the length of the Lichtjesroute?
The total route is approximately 22 km.

Can the route be followed only by car?
No, on the contrary you can also visit the route by bike, moped, motorcycle and by foot.

How long does a tour take along the entire route?

  • With a bicycle without children: two hours;
  • With a bicycle with children: three hours;
  • By car midweek: half hour;
  • With the car at the weekend: three hours, due to traffic jams!
  • On foot: about 6 hours, our advice: do it in two stages.

When is the annual joint bicycle meet up?
This annual bicycle ride will take place on Saturday, September 21nd, 2013 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The pick-up points are in the Veelakker, the Burghplein. Stops are also at the workshops of the Lichtjesroute on Pastoriestraat and on Hendrik de Keizerplein. There is every year a lot of music and entertainment along the route. Conviviality reigns! We ask that day for you not to drive by car and to let the many cyclists have the chance to calmly see the Lichtjesroute. You can enjoy the Lichtjesroute when you follow the route by bike, by the motto: “On the bike you miss nothing.” You can leave at any point of the route. If you come from the direction of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg, take the JF Kennedylaan, the second left (Airbornelaan), where you can pick up the route. If you come from the direction of Weert, Venlo or Turnhout, go left at the roundabout at Floraplein. This will drive you straight onto the route.

Can you follow the Lichtjesroute by bus?
Yes, but this is not provided by the organization of the Lichtjesroute. The VVV Eindhoven Tel 0900-1122363, organizes a bus tour with a guide. They will provide you with all the information about the bus tours.

On which days can you best visit the Lichtjesroute?
The most quiet days are Monday to Thursday. At weekends it is crowded, so please prepare for congestion on the route.