Behind the scenes

Throughout the year, prior to the ‘start’ of the lichtjesroute on 18 September, the Eindhoven people in the main building and the workshop on the Pastoriestraat are busy planning, building, repairing and constructing the Lichtesroute ornaments. In the winter months, any interested parties can by appointment (phone or email) see these activities with their own eyes. The Lichtjesroute is an independent organization with its own governing body. The foundation averages 80 working volunteers. In the period from July to December, the ornaments are hung up and brought back. In the winter months, the ornaments undergo maintenance, reparation and rejuvenated. The number of small ornaments – mostly on light poles, is approximately 500. Larger ornaments so named ‘projects’ number around 25. These projects are on their own masts and are characterized by being large in dimensions. The largest project measures 7 × 8 m almost 60 m2. The little ornaments hanging in tandem and have themes like sports, animals, musical instruments and the zodiac. The major projects are often related to PSV Eindhoven institutions such as, the Stedelijk van Abbe Museum, Old Town Hall, the Evoluon and the Marathon. The Lichtjesroute has its own workshops and warehouses, also own vehicles such as cranes.