Version 2024 is available just before 18 September.

Cycling the Lichtjesroute becomes even more fun with the izi.TRAVEL app. The smartphone app includes a Lichtjesroute Guide. It shows the cycle route on a map and automatically plays audio tracks at 23 locations. Listen to the Smurfs, learn what Poppy Day means and find out what the Lampenmaakster (Female bulb producer) has to do with Philips.

Once you have started the audio tour, izi.Travel keeps track of where you are at that moment via your device’s GPS. When you get close to an ornament, izi.Travel automatically plays the corresponding sound clip.

Safety: For some time now, there has been a ban on holding a phone in your hand when cycling. This had long been the case for cars. Steering via GPS also means that the phone no longer needs to be held after the first start. On the bike you can put in earphones, in the car you can put the phone either on speaker or let it play through the car’s audio system. This is the best way to enjoy the audio tour.

Lichtjesroute 'guide' op izi.TRAVEL Lichtjesroute fietsen met izi.TRAVEL app (fietsroute)

How does it work?

Step 1: Download the izi.Travel app on your smartphone.

> Download for Android via Google Play

> Download for Apple via iTunes 

> Download for Microsoft 

Step 2: Open the izi.TRAVEL app on your smartphone and go to the Lichtjesroute guide. You click on click “on nearby” and probably the Lichtjesroute guide will appear immediately, if not, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right and a search bar will appear. This will search for the Lichtjesroute guide.

Step 3: Click on the red button with ”start” to go to the route.


Please note! ‘Automatic playback’ only works if location data/GPS is on.

Tip: download the route at home via WiFi to avoid high internet costs (data).


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